Some Common Man-Made Fibers

An Acrylic Fibers
Acetate Yarns
An Acrylic Fibers
Acrylic fibers
Aramid Yarns
Aramid Yarns

Acetate: Cellulose Acetate; Triacetate where not less than 92% of the cellulose is acetylated

Acrylic: At least 85% Acrylonitrile unite

Aramid: Polyamide in which at least 85% of the amide linkages are directly attached to two aromatic rings

Glass Yarns
Glass Yarns
Modacrylic Yarns
Modacrylic Yarns
Nylon Staple Fibre
Nylon Staple Fibres

Glass: Glass

Modacrylic: Less than 85% but at least 35% acrylonitrile units

Nylon: Polyamide in which less than 85% of the amide linkages are directly attached to two aromatic rings

Olefin Yarn
Polyester fibres
Polyester Fibres
Rayon fibres
Rayon fibres

Olefin: At least 85% ethylene, propylene, or other olefin units

Polyester: At least 85% ester of a substituted aromatic carboxylic acid including but not restricted to substituted terephthalate units and parasubstituted hydroxybenzoate units

Rayon: Regenerated cellulose with less than 15% chemically combined substituents

Saran: At least 80% vinylidene chloride

Spandex: Elastomer of at least 85% of a segmented polyurethane

At least 50% vinyl alcohol units and at least 85% total vinyl alcohol and acetal units


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